Trail Gangsta of the Month

Trail Dawg of the Week • 8/27/19

Meet Roscoe Frehs!

Hometown: Prescott, AZ
Current Residence: Sedona, AZ
Occupation: Home watcher/ Mouse detector/ Emotional Support floof


1) What makes you a “Trail Dawg?”

I’ve been trotting trails since I left the humane society eight years ago!

2) How and when did you get into trail running?

I started running along with a bike because I have too much energy for walks! A few years ago we switched from going...

Trail Gangsta of the Week • 8/19/19

Meet Eric Ang!

Hometown: Chino Hills CA
Current Residence: Inland Empire, CA
Occupation: Wells Fargo Home Mortgage 


1) What makes you a Trail Gangsta?

I always have fun and mess around while running. I have run 13.1 minimum (2 marathons and 2 ultras) in my Mars Bl(Ang)mon costume Boombox in hand. 

2) How and when did you get into trail running? What do you love about the trail running community?

My first trail running experience was doing The...

Trail Gangsta of the Week • 3/21/19

Meet Pierre Max Labelle!

Hometown: Montreal, Canada
Current Residence: Belton, TX
Occupation: Rocket Test Technician for SpaceX


1) What makes you a “Trail Gangsta?”

Because the outdoors and nature are my hood!

2) How/when did you get into trail running?

I was rucking by a park very close to my home an the thought of running in the beautiful trail setting came to mind. Rucking involves wearing a heavy...

Trail Gangsta of the Week • 3/8/19

Meet Eve Rebennack!


1) How and when did you get into trail running?

6th grade cross country, but the bug hit hard when I was 15.

2) What’s your favorite trail to run?

Anything in Sedona or the Grand Canyon.

3) Do you prefer running uphill or downhill?


4) What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen on the trails?

A pair of jeans on a post marking the edges of an abandoned cave.

5) Do you have a favorite post-run treat?
Nacho burrito!!!

6) What is your key...

Trail Gangsta of the Week • 2/8/19

Meet Anthony Kunkel!

1) What makes you a “Trail Gangsta?”

Being bold enough to come back over and over again, despite a mixed bag of results. For me, it always comes back to figuring out what I’m capable of and insisting that the perfect day will happen. I’d be lying if I acted like the drops I’ve accrued in pursuit of that don’t suck, but they’re MY DROPS! What else do we have such clear control over in this world?! That recognition and ownership makes me a Trail...