Running is life. For real though. My dad first got me into running at the age of 9. I used to ride my bike while he ran but it wasn't long before those roles were switched. Lacking the coordination needed for team sports, I discovered a natural ability for distance running that helped me excel as the top runner on my high school team in Fargo, ND. I went on to compete in DIII cross country and track at St. John's University (MN). I've always loved the thrill of competition, but the sense of freedom  and calm one feels on a run is what keeps me coming back for more. Now I share my passion for the sport as a high school coach (and teacher) in Goodyear, AZ. I was introduced to the trail running scene when I moved here about five years ago. I've been hooked ever since! Trail GangstAZ is a way to fuse my love of trail running and hip hop in to one.



A true Arizona native: born and raised in Phoenix. You can usually find me walking my crazy dalmatian, Suki, listening to indie/alternative rock and exploring trails across the state. I am a huge animal lover and vegetarian of 10 years and now a vegan. Unlike Ruairi, running did not enter my life until I was an adult and it is something I constantly struggle with to this day. I love trail running because it helps me calm my overly anxious mind and cope with my depression in a healthy way. My hope is to turn people on to the therapeutic values of trail running in fun and creative ways through community outreach. You may have read my article promoting these ideals with AZ Culture, if not, check it out now! ➡ Running is my Therapy