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💥Trail Gangstas of the Month (Aug '22): 🐇 Halifax Hares Trail Running Club 🇨🇦 💥

Run Club Name: Halifax Hares Running Club 

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 🇨🇦

Established: December 24th, 2020

When: Wednesdays at 6pm 

Founder of Club: Peter Smith, @Running_in_Woods

Learn More: hfx_hares on Instagram and HFX Hares on Strava 


1. What the origin story of the Halifax hares? 

The Halifax Hares’ first group run was on December 24th, 2020. Five people showed up to that first run. The idea came after spending years discovering and getting lost in our local trail systems, and wanting to share the experience with as many people as possible. I wanted to create an environment where people felt comfortable and welcomed to enjoy the outdoors.

2. How does a hare encapsulate the spirit of your run club? 

We are a Canadian run club, so we get to run in two pretty extreme seasons and we have to dress for it, much like the snow hare who is native to Halifax, Nova Scotia. The hare braves both seasons wearing a white winter coat and a brown summer coat, adapting to and spending the year outside. They’re also fast and nimble, often seen running through the woods and fields.

3. What’s one of the most epic routes you’ve run as a group so far? 

Crystal Crescent. Although it’s not one of our longest routes, this 11km coastal trail runs across beaches, boardwalks, marshes and ocean rocks, bringing you to a point in the Atlantic Ocean. With constant coastal views, whether it’s in howling winds or beautiful sun, it is always visually stunning to run, not to mention the abundance of wildlife. 

4. How would you describe the “vibe” of a typical group run? 

The vibe of a typical HFX Hares group run is pretty relaxed. Although we have some very accomplished runners, our Wednesday runs are about community. We encourage everyone to come, always have a sweeper, wait at all ambiguous turns, and make sure there are cookies at the end of every run. We want to foster a fun community for people to run in, without being worried about being left behind, but if you want to chase a segment, that’s cool too.

5. What are some positive ways your crew impacts the local community? 

We try to leave trails better than we found them, and have actively helped fight littering in our communities. We do community cleanups at trail heads, and we always promote picking up a little bit of trash while you’re running. We only have one rule: “If you litter, don’t come back!”

6. As the founder of the club, what do you envision for the future of the Halifax Hares? 

As founder of the Halifax Hares, I really want to show off how beautiful and accessible our trails are in Nova Scotia. I want to continue building an environment where no one feels intimidated about enjoying the outdoors or trying something new, where people can see that anyone can achieve big goals, and everyone leaves with a smile. I just want to share my passion for trails with others.

7. What big races are up next for you or other runners in your group? 

It’s a really exciting time for the Halifax Hares, as many of our members have a couple big races coming up. The Capes 100 in Mabou, Nova Scotia offers distances up to 100 miles. A few members are also flying out to British Columbia to race the Squamish 50/50. It’ll be amazing to see the results because everyone has trained so hard this summer.

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