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10 Reasons to Run a Turkey Trot This Year

“10 Reasons to Run a Turkey Trot This Year" 

By: Ruairi Moynihan

Thanksgiving is upon us, which means a smorgasbord of temptation lurks at every holiday function. One of the best ways to combat the extra L-B’s is by running! Whether you’re a beginner or veteran, hate it or love it - there are plenty of Thanksgiving runs to attend right here in Northern Arizona (including several events listed below). However, you may not have considered these other perks that come with participating in a local turkey trot:

1. You can justify eating more pumpkin pie at dinner!

2. Break up everyone’s predictable Instagram feeds with you in short shorts and a ridiculous turkey hat. 

3. Sneak out out of the house early before your obnoxious in-laws arrive and leave the meal prep to your other family members ;) 

4. Practice the mad dash that will be needed for Black Friday shopping

5. Get the dogs tired out so they don’t harass visitors like last year. 

6. Subtly remind your family at dinner that you need new running shoes and Christmas is soon (cough, cough).

7. Halt the inevitable conversation regarding politics that will arise by talking about your latest race and mile splits in extreme detail. 

8. Get up and take random “stretch breaks” to escape questions from your parents about why you’re still single.

9. Avoid the post-dinner cleanup by passing out on the couch because you’re “so exhausted” from your 5 mile run. 

10. Did we mention you can eat more pumpkin pie without feeling guilty? 

Now that you’re properly motivated, here are three running opportunities in Flagstaff and Sedona on Thanksgiving Day:

The Run Sedona running store is hosting the 10th Annual Sedona Turkey Trot 5K. Entry is $35 until packet pickup, $40 at pickup and on race day. The race will sell out at its fully stuffed capacity of 500 runners. 

Want to get some distance up at Lowell Observatory? Check out Trail Gangsta's Turkey Trottin in the Pinez, Back for Seconds. Starting at 8 a.m., there will be three options: Eazy Peazy Lemon Squeezy (1.8 miles), Chill (3.1 miles) and Hype (6 miles).\Finally, one of Flagstaff's oldest running traditions enters its 39th year as the Old Flagstaff Road and Track Club presents its free, family-friendly, 2-mile Turkey Predictor Run. Meet at Buffalo Park at 9 a.m. to register by predicting your time. There’s only one rule: no watches.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


*This article also appeared in the "High Country Running" column in the November 24th, 2019 issue of the AZ Daily Sun!

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