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💥Trail Gangsta of the Month (JAN '21): Nick Vargo Fielder of Phoenix, AZ 💥

Name: Nick Vargo Fiedler

Age: 39

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Current Residence: Phoenix, AZ

Occupation: Director of Customer Success

1. How did you get into trail running?

I found Aravaipa on when I first moved out to Phoenix for work and didn't know anyone, before that it was strictly streets. However, running Papago or South Mountain with a group became a weekly tradition and I fell in love with the trails.

2. Favorite part about the AZ running scene?

The weather is good most of the year and there is pretty much every type of terrain you could want! Flat and fast, steep and slow, or long and longer.

3. What running accomplishment are you most proud of?

After I ran my first marathon my sister asked me if I'd do an Ironman with her, I didn't swim or own a bike, but I thought it sounded like fun so we met up in Texas and I finished my first and only triathlon. I'm still pretty proud of doing a full Ironman.

4. How do you put your personal mantra “Wake up, do better” into action?

I have A LOT I need to get better at, but my goal is every day is to at least get a little better. When the day's run sucks I set the goal to do better tomorrow. I try to embed that in every part of my life and I figure if I hit it most the time I'm moving in the right direction. Tomorrow is another chance to outdo today.

5. Top 3 essential pieces of running gear?

  • Altra Torin's/Lone Peaks
  • A headband
  • iPhone for the gram

6. You love coffee and IPAs, but what if you could only choose one?

Wow, that's a real Sophie's Choice. I mean, ugh, let's say an Irish Coffee.

7. What running adventures do you have planned in 2022?

I'd like to join the Hundred Mile Club. Going to start with a 50 miler and move it up from there.

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