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💥Trail Gangsta of the Month (SEPT '21): Jose Sosa Jr., Union Steel Worker & Aspiring Ultra Running Coach 💥

Name: Dose Sosa Jr. 

Age: 40

Hometown: San Diego, CA 

Current Residence: Chula Vista, CA

Occupation: Steel Worker 


1. How did you first get into running/trail running? 

By trying to stay in shape; I began running little by little, did a few 5k’s and started training for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in 2019. I joined a local YMCA trail running group and I fell in love with the mountains. The rest is history!

2. You’re a San Diego native but lived in New York City half of your life. That begs some questions: East coast or West Coast? Biggie or Tupac? 

I prefer the weather on the West Coast but I prefer East Coast Pizza. The running community is cool on both sides.

Tupac, but Wu Tang forever!! 

3. What did it mean to you to be part of the construction of the 9/11 Memorial Freedom Tower? 

Rebuilding Ground Zero was emotional because of all the lives lost on 9/11. I feel very proud to have been part of the rebuilding process in some way, because I feel that it brought some healing to the city.

4. Have you ever had any close calls on the job as a steel worker? 

Yes,  I once slipped and fell off the iron. Luckily I landed on a sandy hill and didn’t get hurt too bad. I was nicknamed “flying squirrel” after that! 

5. You finished the Cocodona 250, were the “Last Sasquatch Standing” and snagged second overall at the Volture Mines 24 hour race! Which race performance are you most proud of? 

Cocodona 250 because I had to endure an injured ankle for 50+ miles in order to finish! 

6. You are a graffiti artist and lover of hip hop. Is there a particular song, artist or certain lyrics that especially motivates you while running?

GZA’s  “Liquid Swords.” The entire album! 

7. What races/adventures do you have planned next? 

Next year's Badwater 135 next is my "A race" (fingers crossed). Also, I’m currently in school to become an ultra running coach.

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