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💥Trail Gangsta of the Month (September): Meet Regina Lopez! 💥

Name: Regina Lopez

Age: 29

Hometown: Azusa, CA

Current Residence: Azusa, CA 

Alma Mater: California State Polytechnic University

Occupation: Fitness Trainer, Professional Athlete

1. It may surprise others to learn that you have not always been a toned and confident, top-caliber athlete. When and how did you make this transformation? 

I remember looking at a mirror while seeing my reflection and just knew I was capable of so much more. I started spending time alone and with God. I started spending time with people who acknowledged me as a person. I started digging deep to who I wanted to become. I started spending time doing mountain running. I started running 80-90 miles a week. I started doing things that I love.  I started lifting every single day. This part of my life was very uncomfortable but it grew me mentally, physically and emotionally. 

From there I started envisioning my future. But, I had to let go of my past to create my future. Doors started to open for me. I started doing things that were so hard  but that gew me.  Everything I have now is what I envisioned even to the guy I am with and to the body I have now. I manifest everything I have and I achieved it all by envisioning it. There were times I failed but I got back up. The transformation happened when I focused my energy, my mind, and my thoughts towards a growth mindset and from there it became reality. I now wake up every day telling myself “I am strong.” “I am powerful.”

2. When and how did you first discover trail running?

I discovered trail running this last year. I did my first trail race and I won the USA Spartan Trail Championships in 2019. People who know me know I hate hill climbing but I am really good at it. I remember meeting the women from Spartan at a race and they all welcomed me. I remember it was the first time in my life that I felt I belonged with these strong women. They are all buff, toned, solid and the nicest human beings you ever meet. I thank them for discovering trail running. 

3. You won the USA Spartan Trail Championships in 2019, qualified for the Marathon Olympic Trials AND set a 50 mile World Record on the treadmill in 2020! Which achievement was the most hard-fought? Is there one you’re most proud of? 

The most fulfilling was both the USA Spartan Trail Championships and the 50 Mile World Record on the treadmill. They both mean a lot to me. The USA Spartan Trail Championships helped me realize how strong I am. It was the happiest day of my life and I was surrounded by love.

The treadmill WR showed how strong my mind is. I told myself a day before this race that I was going to get a World Record and I was going to finish this 50 mile without the required training. I told my fiancé this the day before the attempt, but he was scared for me. He was afraid that I was going to die. The best part was the community around me and the love pouring around me. 

4. You have a twin sister who is also a phenomenal runner and Olympic Trials qualifier. How would you describe the dynamic between you two? Is there a rivalry?

The dynamic between my sister and I is loving, caring and understanding. As we are older, we have learned to respect each other and live separately. We do enjoy giving each other advice. We enjoy talking every day even if it is on the phone. We enjoy sharing both our highs and lows in life.

I do find when we are not competing against each other that we have a better relationship. When we raced against each other in the past,  I have found people around us compare us. Where it has made us very competitive towards each other.  It is nice to have a twin sister that runs but when people start comparing us, it actually starts fights between us and we start being really competitive with each other. It is very unhealthy so now I avoid racing my sister to protect both our mental health. Now we have the best relationship when we are just sisters.

People have to understand that we are individual people like everyone else. How would you like it if someone keeps comparing you to your brother or sister? We are both great runners. 

5. What’s the best and worst part of having a fiancé who also runs? 

The best part of having a fiance who also runs is he understands me. He understands the hard work, the sacrifice and the discipline it takes to be a runner. The worst part is that we both can get very competitive. 

6. Outside of athletics, what are your other hobbies and passions? 

I love to bike. I love to hike with my friends. I love to lift weights. I love to coach my clients. I love to dance and read self-help books. 

7. From Instagram to Strava, many runners struggle with self-confidence because they compare themselves to other athletes on social media platforms. What advice do you have to help others avoid this toxic habit? 

My advice to avoid this toxic habit is to focus on your strengths and practice gratitude. I personally can go on social media or even Strava for inspiration and learning without comparison. I don’t really use Strava or upload all my runs.

With me, I find inspiration with strong women and that is how I got into trail running. I saw women who inspired me so I did it. I looked at the Spartan women as goals and it prompted me towards positive change. I started to run a lot of trail runs. I suggest you use social media and Strava to inspire you and influence you to achieve towards your higher self. 

8. What’s next for you in 2020 and beyond in terms of athletic and personal goals? 

My next goal for 2020 is to get in those 20-30 mile trail runs so I am ready for next year. I will be focusing on ultra running. My goal is to get into Western States. I will probably do a Spartan obstacle race for fun. I will make the Olympic Trials for the next round. 

Also, I will be more present in the community to give more space for more love, and diversity. My hope is to make everyone around me feel acknowledged and seen. If I can inspire another woman and even a male towards positive change that is a big accomplishment. 

9. How can folks seek out your coaching services? 

You can find me through my website: and you can feel free to reach out me personally via Instagram: @getfitwithreginalopez

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