💥 Trail Gangsta of the Month (August) - Meet Issac Easley!

Full Name: Isaac Easley

Age: 30 

Hometown: Peoria, Arizona

Current Residence: Peoria, Arizona

Occupation: Owner of Take It Easley Productions, Adjunct Sports Videography Professor at Arizona State University

1. To many, you’re a Superhero! Can you share your superpower(s), your kryptonite and a part of your identity that’s usually kept a secret?

Haha, do people think that? My power would be powering up others around me. I’m the ultimate motivator. My kryptonite is anime and musicals. I’ll stop everything I’m doing for a good anime or the musical arts. I like to hide my Super Saiyan self.

2. How did you get into running/trail running? 

When I was a little kid my dad was in the Air Force. He would run a mile after work everyday. He always used to beat me and I just kept training everyday with him. The rest is history. 

3. What was the best part about working for the Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury? 

The best part of working with Suns and Mercury were the people. My production team was family. We bounced ideas off each other and always strived to grow each day. 

4. You’re also a professor. What’s one of your most memorable teaching moments? 

My favorite teaching moment has to be the "eureka moment." It is when my students finally realize their full potential and everything just flows naturally. 

5. You recently made (and appeared in) a powerful video on behalf of Black Men Run Phoenix. Can you describe their mission statement and what it’s like to be a part of this group? 

Black Men Run is more than a run group. It’s a brotherhood of black men coming together to run not just for our physical health but our mental health as well. Representation is everything.

6. What specific outcomes would you like to see as a result of recent protests and the Black Lives Matter movement?

I would love to see more understanding out of the world. Personally, for me, I want others to recognize that I’m Black-Filpino and that being different is something to be proud of. I truly hope that this leads to conversations where everyone can say what is on their minds and grow.

7. Are there any ways in which video editing and running intersect? 

In any creative medium it’s all about the details and taking your time. For example, I can spend hours working on a one minute video. I have to keep growing each day and push myself creatively. In running you have to stay consistent and patient. Greatness doesn’t just happen. You have to work hard and keep moving forward. I truly think being a runner has helped make me a better producer.

8. How do you stay motivated with regards to training amidst Covid-19?

During Covid I’ve been training to be my best self. Running has kept me sane. With so much free time I’ve really had time to bond with both my run teams Believe Train Become (BTB) and Black Men Run, and my mileage has been more consistent than ever. 

9. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve given or received? 

Run your best race in life and don’t worry about anybody else. If you can look in the mirror and know that you gave it your all that's all really that truly matters at the end of the day. 

10.  What kinds of video services do you offer and how can one seek those out? 

Take It Easley Productions provides videos for small businesses, nonprofits and athletes. My production crew is made up of my former students. We love to tell stories and create and would love a chance to collaborate to tell your story!

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