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🧝 Elf on a Shelf: Trail Runner Edition 👟

We remixed this Christmas favorite! Who did we miss?! 

1. Stay hard. 

2. She does track and field too?!

3. Her first name, not her last...

4. He's probably worth a lot more than a million!

5. He's short, okay? 

6. Jurek is really enjoying retirement! 

7. Touché

8. Also could have gone with Jim on a limb. 

9. Foxy. 

10. Broskis! 

11. Beast mode. 

12. Well, hay-lo there! 

13. I don't think you're ready for this jelly! 

Did you get them all right? 

1. David Goggins on a toboggan 

2. Courtney Dauwalter on a pole vaulter

3. Camille (Herron) on a seal

4. Kilian Jornet on a million 

5. (Jared) Hazen on a raisin. 

6. Scott (Jurek) on a yacht. 

7. (Magda) Boulet on a toupe. 

8. (Jim) Walmsley on a palm tree. 

9. (Hayden) Hawks on a fox. 

10. (Nick and Jamil) Coury on a McFlurry. 

11. Amelia Boone on a Dune. 

12. Sally McRae on hay. 

13. John Kelly on jelly. 

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