Trail Gangsta of the Week • 3/8/19

Meet Eve Rebennack!


1) How and when did you get into trail running?

6th grade cross country, but the bug hit hard when I was 15.

2) What’s your favorite trail to run?

Anything in Sedona or the Grand Canyon.

3) Do you prefer running uphill or downhill?


4) What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen on the trails?

A pair of jeans on a post marking the edges of an abandoned cave.

5) Do you have a favorite post-run treat?
Nacho burrito!!!

6) What is your key to staying injury free?

Consistency in training and strength training.

7) What’s your favorite distance to race? Do you have a favorite race that you just have to do every year?

Anything ultra - maybe the 100k especially. No favorite race because I don’t usually repeat races.

8) Do you have any unusual pre-race rituals or superstitions?

Nope! I do have a very bad habit of not getting nearly enough sleep the night before big races or adventure runs.

9) Your significant other is also an ultra runner and you have crewed each other for multiple races; what do you find to be the best and worst part of experiencing an ultra together?

The best part is sharing time together on the course while pacing, getting to experience some of his epic journey. The worst part is all the “hurry up and wait” when crewing point to point races.

10) When you’re having trouble getting out the door, what motivates you to run?

A view of the mountains! I know I will always feel better once my feet are on a trail.

11) Do you consider running to be your therapy? If so, what aspect is most therapeutic?

Yes - both when I have time to decompress through talking with friends and also just being in nature, focused only on moving one foot in front of the other. Being surrounded by the larger world helps me keep things in perspective.

12) What’s your most meaningful tattoo? Do you have any running tats?

My first tattoo is a silhouette of mountains. I got it shortly after running my first 50 mile race, which I also won. It represents the personal strength I’ve found through trail and ultra running, always challenging myself to keep pushing through temporary pain and setbacks. It’s placed high on my thigh, right below where my running tan starts, so that it shows whenever I’m in running shorts.

13) You are heavily involved in the trail running community as an ambassador for multiple companies like Altra Running, Runners High Herbals, Megaton Coffee, PRO Compression and Dirtbag Runners - what’s your favorite part about trail running community?

I find the trail community to be a diverse and nonjudgmental group! I love getting to know people who I would otherwise not have met and hearing their stories - what brought them to trails, why they started running (especially ultras), and what other adventures they have planned. I’m always chatting with people in group runs and even during races!

14) What advice would you give to aspiring trail gangstas who may be a little uncertain and/or shy about getting out there?

Find a group to join or post in a group to find 1-2 running partners. Having someone show you the ropes is so helpful. Volunteer at a race if you’re not ready to run one yet and soak in the vibe.

15) What’s your next big adventure (race, trip, etc.)?

I have Mesquite Canyon 50k on March 9 and the inaugural Leona Divide 100k on April 6, which will hopefully earn me my WSER qualifier for 2019.

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