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Trail Gangsta of the Week • 1/9/19

Meet Missy Jackson!


1) Tell us, how and when you got into trail running?

I started running and just kind of went through the motions but it never really clicked. Then my hubby took me on my first trail run 3 years ago and everything just felt right about being out there on the trails.

2) What’s your favorite distance to race?

50k is my absolute favorite!

3) What’s your most meaningful tattoo? Do you have any running tats?

If I had to pick just one it’d probably be my hummingbird. Hummingbirds were a favorite of my Grandmas and I see them a lot while I’m out on the trails. It’s like she’s watching out for me. No running related ones just yet.

4) Do you consider running to be your therapy? If so, what aspect is most therapeutic?

Absolutely. Running has given me a freedom that I never thought that I’d have. I spent years on medication for depression and anxiety, which only made me feel worse. It wasn’t until utilizing trail therapy that I started to feel like I could be in a place to share my story with others. The sound of the dirt underneath my feet just brings me pure joy.

5) Describe one of your most badass personal accomplishments on the trails. What was going through your mind during it?

Finishing my first 100 miler. It didn’t go as I planned, I mean do ultras ever really go as planned? I wanted to give up and had so many excuses going through my mind. But I tell my kids all the time an excuse is only as valid as you allow it to be. I never want to have my kids know that I’ve given up a goal.

6) Your partner/significant other is also a runner. Do you run together? What are some advantages/disadvantages of dating a runner?

We run together when we get a chance to and most of the time it’s the only time we can hold a conversation without being interrupted by our kids. It’s great that we have each other to help keep one another on track for our goals. It does make it difficult to fit in our training especially with 3 kids. We have found a way to make it work by trading off days on the weekend so we both can get our long runs accomplished.

7) When you’re having trouble getting out the door to run, what motivates you?

Knowing how I’ll feel after my run is a huge motivator. When I let excuses win I always regret it.

8) Do you prefer running uphill or downhill?

I love running downhill because my minds always working trying to process my next five steps.

9) What’s your next big adventure (race, trip, photo shoot, etc.)?

Big things for 2019 but I have 3 main ones for the year. 50 miler in Jan. I’ll be going after my first 24hr race in May. Then another 100 miler in September.

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