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Trail Gangsta of the Week • 8/6/18


Meet Alicia Judy!


1) How and when did you get into trail running?

I began trail running in Oklahoma with a bunch of my triathlon friends. That was about 10 years ago!

2) Do you consider trail running to be your therapy? And if so, what aspect is most therapeutic and why?

Trail running (aka: trail therapy) is something that I feel grateful for every day. We are so blessed to have the ability to run and to have access to such a wide variety of trail systems in Arizona. There isn’t anything that can’t be thought about or talked out on the trail. Sometimes it’s a silent solo run that just soaks up any life struggles. You just go out there and give it all you’ve got and the trail gives it right back.

3) What is your most badass personal accomplishment on the trails, big or small and what was going through your mind during it?

I would say I am most proud of my finish at Javelina Jundred a few years ago. It was my longest trail race, by far and I didn’t really know anyone yet, so it was accomplished largely on my own. I learned how to pull myself out of the hole, when everything in me wanted to stop after mile 80. I knew if I could just hold on until the last short “bonus loop”, my friend Ashley would be there to death march me in! I definitely think the mental aspect is the toughest part of any ultra.

4) What do you have planned for your next big adventure?

I am currently signed up for Mogollon Monster 100, which I have paced on twice and have on my bucket list! Now that the Rim trails are back open, we’re getting time on course again!

5) What advice would you give to aspiring trail gangstas who may be a little uncertain and/or shy about getting out there?

I always try to find out what it is that draws new people to trail running. Is it the challenge that motivates them? The views? The active meditation? The community? Once they know their motivation, they can start with a shorter distance in an environment that fascinates them. Introduce them to new, interesting trails. Start small and work your way up!

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