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Trail Gangsta of the Month — st. jude

💥Trail Gangsta of the Month (April '21): Peter Mellen & Olivia 💥

💥Trail Gangsta of the Month (April '21): Peter Mellen & Olivia 💥

Full Name: Peter Mellen

Age: 40

Hometown: Naples, FL

Current Residence: Memphis, TN 

Occupation: Service Advisor, Race Director for Motivated Running 

1. How did you discover trail running?

When I began running roads and increased my mileage to the point I felt I was able to go up to a full marathon, I wanted more! That’s where my desire to try my first 50k in 2019 happened. It was just the drive to do more mileage after that. Now I’ve completed a 50 miler and looking at 100k and 100 miler by 2022.

2. What...