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🧝 Elf on a Shelf: Track & Road Runner Edition 🎽

1. The 🐐.

2. Str8 ballers! 

3. Hang ten with Molly - and pronounce her last name correctly! 🤙

4. One Mo mile! 

5. 'Bout to take flight!

6. SUPP, dude?!

7. So much drip he rides a jetski everywhere! 

8. I'm fast af, boi! 

9. Triple rhyme! 

10. We know it doesn't rhyme! Coulda put her on a double helix. 


11. Tiger King? 🐯 👑


How'd you do? Answers: 

1. Kipchoge on a hoagie.

2.  The Halls on basketballs. 

3. Molly Seidel on a tidal (wave).

4. Mo Farah on a capybara. 

5. Molly Huddle on a shuttle. 

6. Galen Rupp on a SUP. 

7. Meb Keflezighi on a jetski. 

8. Usain Bolt on a colt. 

9. Colleen Quigley on a Piggly Wiggly. 

10. Felix on Allyson Felix. 

11. Craig Engels on bengals. 



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