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💥Trail Gangstas of the Month (Sept '22): 🥸 Guapo Boys Trail Club 💥

Run Club Name: Guapo Boys Trail Club 

Established: Summer of 2019 (IG Official)

Location: Everywhere and nowhere at the same time, but mostly the Angeles National Forest 

Weekly group runs? Somewhat impromptu Sunday runs 

Founder of club and IG handle: Noel Velasco and Santiago Lopez @gmansl


 1. What’s the Guapo Boys origin story? 

Not so much now, but years ago the Los Angeles run community was primarily focused on the marathon distance.  For a typical runner, training primarily took place on the road.  However, a subset of runners enjoyed taking their miles onto the local trails.

Through a bit of luck in 2016, I met Santiago and we started to run together during the week at a couple of run clubs and explore trails on Sundays. Over time and some more luck, we crossed paths with other trail runners and the larger trail community. It wasn’t until years later that our friend Feliciano cat-called us at a race with “GUAPOS!” when we finally considered aligning ourselves under a run club name.  

2. Your club motto “Pocos Pero Locos” translates to “few but crazy.” Whether it’s the club as a whole  or individuals, what are some of the crazy things you get into? 

A whole lot of crazy! A recent incident was our second bout with the Grand Canyon while attempting R2R2R. It was over 100 degrees down in Phantom Ranch. The first pass was okay but the second time around, it completely destroyed us. 

Almost all of us suffered heat exhaustion and all the fun things that comes along with it including vomiting all fluids and nutrition. It was a rough 10 miles back to the van and another rough 8 hours back to Los Angeles the next morning, only for me to start at a new firm the following day.   

3. What’s your go-to hometown trail/route?  

Easy route: up to the Hollywood Sign in Griffith 

Moderate route: Strawberry loop in Angeles National Forest 

 4. Some of your merchandise boldly states, “You Know the Fucking Vibe.” For those ignorant few, how would you describe the Guapo Boys “vibe?” 

The vibe for me is a mix of dedication toward the sport of running but at the same time being able to reminisce on the suffering that comes with a 5 hour long run over a couple of cold beers. 

5. What if you’re a Guapa Girl? Are all types of runners welcome? 

Everyone is welcomed!

6. Briefly describe the club’s infatuation with Modelo beer!

It’s a classic and easy to drink especially after a run. We’re also fans of West Coast IPAs, Hazy IPAs, and a couple of the guys venture into ales, sours, and stouts. 

7. As the fearless leader, what do you envision for the future of Guapo Boys Trail Club? 

I like what it is now - high volume blocks, grassroot, and a bit of merch to tap into my creative side. However, I’m open to change so who knows maybe we’ll consider the Budweiser sponsorship in 2023.  

8. What big races are up next for you or other runners in your group? How can other runners in the area or those passing through link up with you? 

We just finished three 100 milers - Western States, Angeles Crest, and Kodiak.  Up next is a slight pivot to road as we build up for CIM in December followed by the Sean O’Brien 100K in January.  


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